3 Ways to Eliminate Confusion and Increase Profit

I recently had the pleasure of once again of having one of my articles features in the online publication Selling Power. In the featured articles I spoke very candidly about my feelings on “3 Ways to Eliminate Confusion and Increase Profit”. A topic almost very business would benefit from having a clear understanding of. I have taken the liberty of including an exert from the article as well a direct link to the afford mentioned article for your reading and learning pleasure. “Imagine a world where financial data and information about prospects and accounts are entered with no generally accepted

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This program is designed to provide business leaders with the skills and knowledge base to sell their company’s products and services. It also provides the key infrastructure for selling accountability in an organization. This program is strongly recommended for a single business owner or a manager of a sales force.

Practices followed, or behaviors displayed by the participants  in situations of opposing interests such as negotiations. Unwritten rules of engagement determine what information is given, at what time, to whom, in what manner; with what concession  and what is demanded in return.

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