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“Selling honest is the most authentic way of defining yourself as a sales professional.” Edward discusses his journey to developing a program that gives a direct approach to solving the sales industry’s problems. While everyone in sales deals with challenges and makes mistakes, Edward was no different. He discusses how creating the essential way to sell brought a change for himself, his team, and the entire sales industry. 

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The Value of Sales

Too Many Companies React The Wrong Way To Sales Problems

True solutions require evaluation, framework and adoption. Most industries struggle with common challenges that affect profitability and prevent company growth.

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Common Challenges Include

Why Traditional Sales Training Doesn't Work

Companies are struggling to manage the overwhelming amounts of sales information that exist today since the emergence of CRM, social media and other technology trends. The framework required for lead management, pipeline management, and effective management of customer engagement is impossible. Without having a system that reduces sales waste and increases your ability to close targeted accounts for maximum revenue potential.

At Edward Henry Company we don’t procrastinate, we don’t break promises. We practice what we preach – We walk that LINE, We do EXACTLY what we say we will.


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Our programs are industry specific. Modified based on market trends, technology and industry innovation.

A great sales representative can make a great sales trainer, but that does not provide the adequate experience to be a great consultant.

Finding the right sales representative can be a challenge. We use many of the tools for hiring from our sales assessments and HR practices from many of the companies that we deal with.

We need to treat our sales staff like people
But manage them like equipment with the function of creating revenue

 There has never been a standard protocol or operating procedures to managing a company’s sales activity until now.

  1. Assessment
  2. Sales Management Strategy
  3. Sales Force
  4. Workflow, Sales Process & Pipeline Management
  5. Evaluation & Implementation
  6. Sales Control Plan

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This program is designed to provide business leaders with the skills and knowledge base to sell their company’s products and services. It also provides the key infrastructure for selling accountability in an organization. This program is strongly recommended for a single business owner or a manager of a sales force.

Practices followed, or behaviors displayed by the participants  in situations of opposing interests such as negotiations. Unwritten rules of engagement determine what information is given, at what time, to whom, in what manner; with what concession  and what is demanded in return.

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