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So many Business are scared

Almost overnight everything about the way we do business has changed, even the answers coming from leadership are unclear of how far reaching the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic will be.

What we do know for certain is we need to do something or even more collateral damage will happen. While most of the world is focused on the problem we want to be a resource for creating answers!

Edward Henry Company has developed the perfect solution. You are going to close more deals starting immediately. You will know how to control customer engagement in a simple sequential way from initial contact to close, we  recommended digital tools to help you succeed.

This is the most effective inside sales training program for handling social distance challenges to-date!


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What you'll Learn in this program

adapting to social distancing

How to adapt to social distance changes

During hard times, you have a rare chance to strengthen your business, and develop yourself as a leader that sees opportunities where others see challenges.

you've got this

Effective social distance pipeline management

People stop buying what they want in a down-turned economy.  How are you positioning your offering  to serve people what they need?

8 closing strategies

8 Closing Techniques for Social Distance Selling

Your business lives and dies on your ability to pique curiosity and create doubt within your customers mind. Explore the different ways to successfully do just that.

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Come out of this dominating your territory

Don’t waste time watching Netflix like everyone else. Take this time to get an overwhelming  lead on the competition and come out of this COVID-19 crisis DOMINATING!

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