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    Does your business have a sales problem or a systems problem?

    A through sales training system will revolutionize your business. The sales department in any business is the main element of production. It drives the business, but it is important to remember that sales is still production! It requires the same quality assurance, processes, testing, and control plans that are required by manufacturing companies. If you look at most elements of production, a control plan refers to the overall process that needs to managed.  There are so many elements that affect sales departments today that a control plan or a sales training system is required to successfully achieve sales culture.  

    A simple and duplicatable plan of action can turn even an average sales rep into a stud if they simply follow the process, and commit to adopting our system. Once familiarized with the system the sales rep does not need to be talented, charming or any other characteristic associated with top salespeople. They simply need to be consistent and stay plugged into the system.



    Sales Control Plan


    1. Company Assessment
    2. Sales Staff Assessment
    3. Sales Management Assessment

    Human Resources

    1. Resume Mining
    2. Position Assessment for Profiles Assessment
    3. Profile Assessments
    4. Interview Process
    5. Interview Templates based on Position Assessment

    Selling Policies

    1. General Sales Process Framework
    2. Target Market Assessment
    3. Sales Process Modification Guide
    4. Provisioning Assessment
    5. Customer Management Policies

    Selling Procedures

    1. Reporting Guidelines
    2. CRM Reporting Rules
    3. Meeting Frequency and Control Plan Objective (Assessment)
    4. Representation Guidelines
    5. Training Objectives

    Selling Process

    1. Application Delivery Templates
    2. Sales Manual Guidelines
    3. Continuous Education Templates & Testing
    4. Continuous Process Management

    Sales Manual

    1. Elements of Industry Modifies Manual based on Assessments
    2. Selection of Program Elements
    3. Implementation Guidelines
    4. Manual Updates (Guide to selling important content, memos, policies and procedure updates)

    Training Manual

    1. Implementation Rules
    2. Guide to creating Sales Culture
    3. Motivation Techniques
    4. Testing Templates

    CRM Reporting

    1. Data Entry Rules
    2. Data Management Guidelines
    3. Report Selection (Activity Management)
    4. Provisioning Rules

    Sales Management

    1. Goal Management
    2. Sales Strategy Plan
    3. Management Cycle

    Continuous Development Plan

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