Sales Management & Recruiting

recruiting sales representatives

Finding the right sales representative can be a challenge. We use many of the tools from our Sales Control Plan Management Platform for hiring. We have conducted 100’s of assessments on many different companies in different industries. Our research has shown that the two most common failures for hiring new recruits are:

  • Hiring an employee based on aptitude testing and industry knowledge rather than matching suitability based on the activity of the position.
  • Lack of sales methodology knowledge. Most companies do not have the tools to evaluate properly or to provide accurate training that can progressively be adopted throughout the sales career of the new applicant.

Every new hire that is recruited by Edward Henry Company participates in our 2-day Sales Infusion workshop. That standard framework is approved by the Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities. This is one of the few areas of adoption that we use to ensure that the new hire we recruit for our client is successful.

Recommended sales process

Sales Control Plan Management

The sales department is the main element of production. It is important to understand that it is production. It requires the same quality assurance, measurements, testing and control plans that are required by manufacturing companies, which use quality to manage production. If you look at most elements of production, a control plan is the overall process to managing the materials, equipment, tooling, labor, inspection and delivery of products. There are so many elements that affect sales departments today that the same level of control plan management is required to successfully achieve sales culture.  Below is the module base of management templates required to create and maintain sales control plan management.


  1. Company Assessment
  2. Sales Staff Assessment
  3. Sales Management Assessment

Human Resources

  1. Resume Mining
  2. Position Assessment for Profiles Assessment
  3. Profile Assessments
  4. Interview Process
  5. Interview Templates based on Position Assessment

Selling Policies

  1. General Sales Process Framework
  2. Target Market Assessment
  3. Sales Process Modification Guide
  4. Provisioning Assessment
  5. Customer Management Policies

Selling Procedures

  1. Reporting Guidelines
  2. CRM Reporting Rules
  3. Meeting Frequency and Control Plan Objective (Assessment)
  4. Representation Guidelines
  5. Training Objectives

Selling Process

  1. Application Delivery Templates
  2. Sales Manual Guidelines
  3. Continuous Education Templates & Testing
  4. Continuous Process Management

Sales Manual

  1. Elements of Industry Modifies Manual based on Assessments
  2. Selection of Program Elements
  3. Implementation Guidelines
  4. Manual Updates (Guide to selling important content, memos, policies and procedure updates)

Training Manual

  1. Implementation Rules
  2. Guide to creating Sales Culture
  3. Motivation Techniques
  4. Testing Templates

CRM Reporting

  1. Data Entry Rules
  2. Data Management Guidelines
  3. Report Selection (Activity Management)
  4. Provisioning Rules

Sales Management

  1. Goal Management
  2. Sales Strategy Plan
  3. Management Cycle

Continuous Development Plan

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