sales management training

Consulting Is Different Than Training

A great sales representative can make a great sales trainer, but that does not provide adequate experience to be a great consultant. Consulting on processes, workflow, and adoption requires the experience of management professionals. Edward Henry Management Consultants are professionals with proven sales management experience.

Process & Workflow

Mapping and sequence are the main elements of our approach when it comes to determining the process design or recommendations for process and workflow improvement.

CRM & Reporting

Sales process and workflow are important. However,  accurate reporting is what is needed for effective sales management. CRM effectiveness requires intelligent business rules that do not restrict sales production but ensures that effective reporting of the key information is being captured as required.


The practice of operating procedures is only as effective as the adoption of the sales staff. The methods of adoption require a systematic approach to ensuring the best chances of success in effective implementation or practice.

Sales management commonly struggles to manage all the areas of the company simply because of the overwhelming amount of activity and information. It requires an intelligent process and systems for overall effective management. Consider for a moment everything involved in a sales organization. Territories,  Accounts, Quotas,  Sales Knowledge, Product Knowledge, Business Rules, Payment Terms, Contracts etc. And these are just some of the items in a long list of bricks that make up the foundation of a company’s sales infrastructure.

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This program is designed to provide business leaders with the skills and knowledge base to sell their company’s products and services. It also provides the key infrastructure for selling accountability in an organization. This program is strongly recommended for a single business owner or a manager of a sales force.

Practices followed, or behaviors displayed by the participants  in situations of opposing interests such as negotiations. Unwritten rules of engagement determine what information is given, at what time, to whom, in what manner; with what concession  and what is demanded in return.

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